Faculty Experts

All Ohio State experts, A-to-Z

  • Alam Payind

    Alam Payind
    Director of the Middle East Studies Center

  • Alice Conklin

    Alice Conklin

  • Alison Norris

    Alison Norris
    Assistant Professor

  • Amy Kerger

    Amy Kerger
    Assistant Clinical Professor

  • Andre Palmer

    Andre Palmer
    Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Andrea Doseff

    Andrea Doseff
    Associate Professor, Molecular Genetics Admin and Associate Professor, SBS-Physiology & Cell Biology

  • Andreia Gonçalves Arruda

    Andreia Gonçalves Arruda
    Assistant Professor

  • Andrew Bowman

    Andrew Bowman
    Assistant Professor

  • Angela Stanley

    Angela Stanley
    Research Associate, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

  • Anil Makhija

    Anil Makhija
    Dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business

  • Audrey Sawyer

    Audrey Sawyer
    Assistant Professor

  • Barry Ward

    Barry Ward
    Assistant Extension Professor, Leader Production Business Management

  • Bear Braumoeller

    Bear Braumoeller
    Associate Professor

  • Benjamin Campbell

    Benjamin Campbell
    Associate Professor of Management and Human Resources

  • Bernadette Melnyk

    Bernadette Melnyk
    Professor and Dean of the College of Nursing

  • Bharat Bhushan

    Bharat Bhushan
    Director, Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio- & Nanotechnology and Biomimetics

  • Bill Horrigan

    Bill Horrigan
    Curator at Large, Wexner Center for the Arts

  • Brad Bushman

    Brad Bushman
    Professor of Communication and Psychology

  • Brian Mittendorf

    Brian Mittendorf
    Professor of Accounting and MIS

  • Bruce Weinberg

    Bruce Weinberg

  • Carla Curtis

    Carla Curtis
    Associate Professor

  • Charles Helm

    Charles Helm
    Director of Performing Arts, Wexner Center for the Arts

  • Charles Smith

    Charles Smith
    Coordinating Advisor

  • Charles Wise

    Charles Wise
    Faculty Emeritus

  • Chris Walker

    Chris Walker
    Associate Professor of Law

  • Christopher Gelpi

    Christopher Gelpi
    Professor of Political Science

  • Christopher Kochanek

    Christopher Kochanek
    Professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar

  • Christopher Otter

    Christopher Otter
    Associate Professor of History

  • Claire Kamp Dush

    Claire Kamp Dush
    Assistant Professor of Human Sciences

  • Claudia Buchmann

    Claudia Buchmann
    Professor of Sociology

  • Courtney Lynch

    Courtney Lynch
    Director of Reproductive Epidemiology; Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Epidemiology and Pediatrics

  • Cynthia Fontanella

    Cynthia Fontanella
    Assistant Professor-Clinical of Psychiatry

  • Dakota Rudesill

    Dakota Rudesill
    Assistant Professor of Law

  • Dan Chow

    Dan Chow

  • Dan Strunk

    Dan Strunk
    Associate Professor

  • Dan Tokaji

    Dan Tokaji

  • Darcy Granello

    Darcy Granello

  • Darryl Hood

    Darryl Hood
    Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences

  • Dave Jacobs

    Dave Jacobs
    Professor Emeritus of Sociology

  • David Filipi

    David Filipi
    Director of Film/Video, Wexner Center for the Arts

  • David Huron

    David Huron
    Professor School of Music

  • David Norris

    David Norris
    Senior Researcher, Kirwan Institute

  • David Stebenne

    David Stebenne
    Professor of History and Law

  • David Woods

    David Woods
    Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering

  • Dawn Anderson-Butcher

    Dawn Anderson-Butcher
    Professor of Social Work

  • Dennis Hirsch

    Dennis Hirsch
    Professor of Law and Director, Program on Data and Governance

  • Dennis McTigue, D.D.S., M.S.

    Dennis McTigue, D.D.S., M.S.
    Professor of Pediatric Dentistry

  • Devin Fergus

    Devin Fergus
    Associate professor

  • Doug Downey

    Doug Downey
    Professor of Sociology

  • Douglas Berman

    Douglas Berman
    Professor, Moritz College of Law

  • Douglas Scharre

    Douglas Scharre
    Director, Division of Cognitive Neurology

  • Drew Hanks

    Drew Hanks
    Assistant Professor of Human Sciences

  •  Edward Foley

    Edward Foley

  • Ellen Peters

    Ellen Peters
    Professor of Psychology and Director of the Decision Sciences Collaborative

  • Elliot Slotnick

    Elliot Slotnick
    Professor Emeritus of Political Science

  • Eric Anderman

    Eric Anderman
    Chair and Professor Department of Educational Studies

  • Eric Healy

    Eric Healy
    Associate Professor

  • Eric Seiber

    Eric Seiber
    Associate Professor of Health Services Management and Policy

  • Erik Nisbet

    Erik Nisbet
    Associate Professor

  • Estelle Cormet-Boyaka

    Estelle Cormet-Boyaka
    Associate Professor

  • Frederick Luis Aldama

    Frederick Luis Aldama
    Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor, Department of English

  • Gary Wenk

    Gary Wenk
    Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics

  • Stan Gehrt

    Stan Gehrt
    Associate Professor & Wildlife Extension Specialist

  • Gil Greene

    Gil Greene

  • Giorgio Rizzoni

    Giorgio Rizzoni
    Professor of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

  • Grande Lum

    Grande Lum
    Adjunct Professor of Law and Director of the Divided Community Project

  • Greg Allenby

    Greg Allenby
    Professor, Department of Marketing & Logistics

  • Gregory Caldeira

    Gregory Caldeira

  • Heather Hampel

    Heather Hampel
    Cancer Genetic Counselor; Professor, Division of Human Genetics, Department of Internal Medicine

  • Heather Inwood

    Heather Inwood
    Assistant Professor

  • Herb Asher

    Herb Asher
    Professor Emeritus, Political Science

  • Hollie Nyseth Brehm

    Hollie Nyseth Brehm
    Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology

  • Holly Schoeny-Dabelko

    Holly Schoeny-Dabelko
    Associate Professor

  • Ian Howat

    Ian Howat
    Associate Professor

  • Ian Sheldon

    Ian Sheldon
    Professor and Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy

  • Ismail Nabeel

    Ismail Nabeel
    Assistant Professor; Clinical, General Internal Medicine

  • Itzhak (Zahi) Ben-David

    Itzhak (Zahi) Ben-David
    Neil Klatskin Chair in Finance and Real Estate; Associate Professor of Finance, Fisher College of Business

  • Jack Nasar

    Jack Nasar
    Professor of City and Regional Planning, Knowlton School of Architecture

  • Jack Wright

    Jack Wright

  • Jackie Goodway

    Jackie Goodway
    Associate Professor

  • James L. Moore III

    James L. Moore III
    EHE Distinguished Professor of Urban Education

  • Jan Kiecolt-Glaser

    Jan Kiecolt-Glaser
    Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, Investigator in the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research

  • Jason Reece

    Jason Reece
    Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning Section

  • Jason Seligman

    Jason Seligman
    Assistant Professor

  • Jason Stull

    Jason Stull
    Assistant Professor

  • Jay Martin

    Jay Martin

  • Jeff LeJeune

    Jeff LeJeune

  • Jeff Rice

    Jeff Rice
    Executive Director of the Office of Career Management

  • Jeff Volek

    Jeff Volek
    Professor, Department of Human Sciences

  • Jeffrey Cohen

    Jeffrey Cohen

  • Jeffrey Daniels

    Jeffrey Daniels

  • Jeffrey Lewis

    Jeffrey Lewis
    Lecturer, International Studies Program

  • Jeffrey McKee

    Jeffrey McKee
    Professor of Anthropology

  • Jennifer Lange

    Jennifer Lange
    Curator of the Film/Video Studio Program, Wexner Center for the Arts

  • Jesse Fox

    Jesse Fox
    Assistant Professor

  • Jessica Winter

    Jessica Winter
    Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Jill Clark

    Jill Clark
    Assistant Professor

  • Joanne Ruthsatz

    Joanne Ruthsatz
    Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • John Horack

    John Horack
    Professor and Neil Armstrong Chair in Aerospace Policy

  • John Kissel

    John Kissel
    Director, Division of Neuromuscular Medicine; Professor of Neurology; Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Co-Director, Neurology Infusion Suite

  • John Mueller

    John Mueller
    Professor of Political Science

  • John Quigley

    John Quigley
    President's Club Professor Emeritus of Law

  • Jonathan Schaffir

    Jonathan Schaffir
    Director, College of Medicine Reproductive Medicine/Endocrinology Course

  • Joseph Bayer

    Joseph Bayer
    Assistant Professor of Communication

  • Joshua Dressler

    Joshua Dressler

  • Justin Harris

    Justin Harris
    Auxiliary Assistant Professor

  • K. Craig Kent

    K. Craig Kent
    Dean, College of Medicine

  • Kathi Kemper

    Kathi Kemper
    Professor of Pediatrics and Executive Director, Center for Integrative Health and Wellness

  • Katrina Cornish

    Katrina Cornish
    Endowed Chair and Ohio Research Scholar, Bioemergent Materials

  • Kelly Capatosto

    Kelly Capatosto
    Senior Research Associate

  • Kelly Garrett

    Kelly Garrett
    Associate Professor

  • Ken Lee

    Ken Lee

  • Ken Yeager

    Ken Yeager
    Clinical Director, STAR Program

  • Kim Jordan

    Kim Jordan
    Associate Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Justice for Children Project

  • Kisha Radliff

    Kisha Radliff
    Assistant Professor

  • Koritha Mitchell

    Koritha Mitchell
    Associate Professor of English

  • Lanier Holt

    Lanier Holt
    Assistant Professor

  • Linda Chlan

    Linda Chlan
    Distinguished Professor of Symptom Management Research

  • Linda Mizejewski

    Linda Mizejewski
    Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

  • Liz Klein

    Liz Klein
    Associate Professor, College of Public Health

  • Lonnie Thompson

    Lonnie Thompson
    Distinguished Professor, School of Earth Sciences; Research Scientist, Byrd Polar Research Center

  • Lucia Dunn

    Lucia Dunn

  • Marc Spindelman

    Marc Spindelman
    Professor of Law

  • Margaret Mills

    Margaret Mills

  • Michael Neblo

    Michael Neblo
    Associate Professor

  • Mark Loux

    Mark Loux

  • Mark Partridge

    Mark Partridge

  • Martha Belury

    Martha Belury
    Professor of Human Nutrition

  • Mary Ellen Wewers

    Mary Ellen Wewers
    Professor Emeritus, Health Behavior and Health Promotion

  • Matthew During

    Matthew During

  • Matthew Roberts

    Matthew Roberts
    Associate Professor

  • Micah Berman

    Micah Berman
    Assistant Professor; Moritz College of Law, College of Public Health

  • Michael Betz

    Michael Betz
    Assistant Professor

  • Michael Neblo

    Michael Neblo
    Associate Professor

  • Michael Oglesbee

    Michael Oglesbee
    Veterinary Bioscience Chair Director, Summer Research Program Faculty Lead, University Discovery Theme in Infectious Disease

  • Michael Vuolo

    Michael Vuolo
    Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

  • Micky Sharma

    Micky Sharma
    Director of Counseling and Consultation Services

  • Mike Brandl

    Mike Brandl
    Associate Clinical Professor

  • Mike Hogan

    Mike Hogan
    Extension Educator, Associate Professor, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  • Mitch Lerner

    Mitch Lerner
    Associate Professor

  • Mo Saif

    Mo Saif
    Professor and Program Head of Food Animal Health Research Program

  • Mo Yee Lee

    Mo Yee Lee

  • Natasha Slesnick

    Natasha Slesnick
    Professor of Human Sciences

  • Ned Hill

    Ned Hill
    Economics Professor, Joint appointment with the College of Engineering

  • Nicole Kraft

    Nicole Kraft
    Assistant Clinical Professor

  • Nicole Sintov

    Nicole Sintov
    Assistant Professor of Behavior, Decision Making and Sustainability

  • Oded Shenkar

    Oded Shenkar

  • Oksana Chkrebtii

    Oksana Chkrebtii
    Assistant Professor, Statistics

  • Paul Beck

    Paul Beck
    Professor Emeritus, Political Science

  • Paul Bellair

    Paul Bellair
    Professor of Sociology

  • Paul Berger

    Paul Berger
    Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Paul Granello

    Paul Granello
    Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies

  • Paul Sutter

    Paul Sutter
    Visiting Fellow, CCAPP, Astrophysicist

  • Paula Mouser

    Paula Mouser
    Assistant Professor; Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

  • Peter Hahn

    Peter Hahn
    Professor and Divisional Dean

  • Peter Mansoor

    Peter Mansoor
    Gen. Raymond E. Mason Jr. Chair in Military History

  • Peter Mohler

    Peter Mohler
    Vice Dean for Research
    Director, Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute

  • Peter Shane

    Peter Shane
    Professor of Law

  • Peter Ward

    Peter Ward
    Professor of Operations Management

  • Philipp Rehm

    Philipp Rehm
    Associate Professor

  • Randall Schweller

    Randall Schweller
    Professor of Political Science

  • Randolph Roth

    Randolph Roth

  • Rebecca Jackson

    Rebecca Jackson
    Director, The Center for Clinical and Translational Science; Professor, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

  • Reed Johnson

    Reed Johnson
    Assistant Professor of Entomology

  • Ric Simmons

    Ric Simmons

  • Richard Gunther

    Richard Gunther
    Professor Emeritus

  • Richard Petty

    Richard Petty
    Chair, Department of Psychology

  • Richard Slemons

    Richard Slemons
    Professor Emeritus

  • Richard Steckel

    Richard Steckel
    Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics

  • Rob Crane

    Rob Crane
    Clinical Professor of Family Medicine

  • Robert Lount

    Robert Lount
    Associate Professor

  • Robyn Wilson

    Robyn Wilson
    Associate Professor

  • Russell Lonser

    Russell Lonser
    Professor and Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery

  • Ruth Colker

    Ruth Colker

  • Ryan King

    Ryan King
    Associate Professor

  • Scott Bair

    Scott Bair
    Professor of Earth Sciences

  • Scott Lissner

    Scott Lissner
    University ADA Coordinator, Office of University Compliance and Integrity, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Scott McGraw

    Scott McGraw
    Professor, Anthropology

  • Scottye Cash

    Scottye Cash
    Associate Professor

  • Sharon Davies

    Sharon Davies

  • Shawn Pruchnicki

    Shawn Pruchnicki
    Lecturer, Center for Aviation Studies

  • Shayne Piasta

    Shayne Piasta
    Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning Administration

  • Shelly Casto

    Shelly Casto
    Director of Education, Wexner Center for the Arts

  • Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick

    Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick
    Professor and Graduate Studies Director, School of Communication

  • Steffanie Wilk

    Steffanie Wilk
    Associate Professor

  • Stephanie Moulton

    Stephanie Moulton
    Associate Professor

  • Stephen Buser

    Stephen Buser
    Professor of Finance

  • Stephen Gavazzi

    Stephen Gavazzi

  • Stephen Graef

    Stephen Graef
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine

  • Stephen Kern

    Stephen Kern
    Humanities Distinguished Professor

  • Steve Huefner

    Steve Huefner

  • Susan Jones

    Susan Jones
    Professor of Entomology

  • Terri Enns

    Terri Enns
    Clinical Professor

  • Theresa Delgadillo

    Theresa Delgadillo
    Associate Professor

  • Thomas Stewart

    Thomas Stewart
    Executive Director, National Center for the Middle Market

  • Timothy Judge

    Timothy Judge
    Joseph A. Alutto Chair in Leadership and Executive Director of the Fisher Leadership Initiative

  • Treva Lindsey

    Treva Lindsey
    Associate Professor

  • Trevon Logan

    Trevon Logan
    Professor and Chairperson of Economics

  • Doug Downey

    Doug Downey
    Dean of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs

  • Usha Menon

    Usha Menon
    Vice Dean and Professor, College of Nursing

  • Vladimir Kogan

    Vladimir Kogan
    Assistant professor

  • W.C. Benton

    W.C. Benton
    Professor, Management and Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • William Marras

    William Marras
    Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering

  • William Martin II

    William Martin II
    Dean and Professor

  • William Shkurti

    William Shkurti
    Vice President for Business and Finance, Emeritus

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