Alumna, staff, volunteer: Capturing and reliving move-in day emotions

Editorial Sep 10, 2015 Alumna, staff, volunteer: Capturing and reliving move-in day emotions

Lauren Boyd writes about the feel of move-in day through the eyes of a social media manager, helper and former student.

Seven years ago, in September 2008, my parents and I hopped in our car – Columbus bound for residence hall move-in day. After hours of unpacking and organizing, we said our goodbyes with tears, optimism and excitement. Move-in day was the start of a new chapter of my life -- the first day of my journey as a Buckeye and the start of some of the best memories.

Although I knew, eventually, I’d be on the other side of move-in as an alumna – incredibly nostalgic to relive my very own move-in day – I didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to also wear the hat of a Buckeye staff member, telling Ohio State’s stories through the social media channels. My Buckeye story seems to come full circle in a lot of different ways.

This year, I wore another hat and wrote a new chapter in that Buckeye story: I helped new students move into their dorms through the Alumni Association’s Office of Volunteer Relations.

I split my day between volunteering with undergrads and fellow alums and telling the story of move-in through Ohio State’s social media accounts. Being a part of this day reminded me of what it means to be a part of the Buckeye community:

  • The Ohio State community is strong and proud. As cars pulled in to the dorms to unload their cars, current students and volunteers clapped, cheered, O-H’ed and swarmed the cars – eager to welcome new Buckeyes to campus and help them make this transition as easy as possible. Emotions are running high on move-in day, but the community on campus is so helpful, proud, genuine and welcoming.

  • Students – past, present and future – have amazing stories to tell. From the RAs to the sororities to the alumni, I learned a lot from hanging around in the action on move-in day. I met a former commuter student who was helping move students into the dorms but never lived in the dorms herself. I heard stories of students meeting their best friends during their own move-in days. Ohio State is made up of incredible people, and those people have incredible stories to tell.

  • Ohio State is a big place, but I’ll bet you it’s actually much smaller than you think. As I was standing on the sidewalk uploading a video to Ohio State’s Instagram, a first-year and her father asked me for some directions. As I was pulling up information on my phone, I asked them where they’re from, and coincidentally enough, they live just a few minutes from my former high school. We spent the next few minutes talking about our hometown that we share, realizing it can be such a small world on campus.

  • Students think it’s really cool when they find out who runs Ohio State’s social media channels. I interviewed a few undergrads about what their first-year experiences were like and asked if I could feature them and tag them on Ohio State’s Instagram. They said they loved learning who’s “behind” the university social media accounts, and I got to share a little about my Ohio State experiences and life after college.

Regardless if I’m wearing the hat of alumna, staff or volunteer, I’m excited to relive and capture what it means to be a Buckeye.

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Lauren Boyd -
Communication Specialist
Lauren Boyd

Lauren is an Ohio State communications grad who manages university social media accounts and leads a monthly group of social media communicators.

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